Sunday, November 3, 2013


One of the hardest parts of being an autistic child's parent is to control your emotions and stay logical when others complain or question your child.

I got an email from my son's teacher stating that he was not behaving and that they tried to make him understand that there would be consequences when he didn't follow directions, etc.  There has been a power struggle with him lately.  He wants to claim his independence and does it in all the wrong ways... like telling teachers and friends that they need to follow his directions.
On one hand, I understand that he needs to be disciplined.  On the other, there has to be a difference between an autistic child and a mainstream child when it comes to judgement.  How does the school system deal with misbehaving kids?  Is there a difference in severity of consequences between special needs kids and mainstream kids?  How do I ask that question from the school staff?  Am I being oversensitive?

I DO want his behavior modified.  It needs to be.  I also want to ensure he's being treated with kindness and understanding in the process.

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