Friday, October 25, 2013

Chapter Book Adventure

One of my son's autistic traits is that he has trouble understanding language.  One sentence becomes two, you're OK.  Three sentences and higher, and you're speaking Mandarin to him.  That is why he has a 1-1 aid to break things down in the classroom.

As his mother, I'm terrified.  What is going to happen to him in the outside world?  How will he ever be able to live an independent life?  I try to create exercises at home but am not sure if it actually helps.  I just know it won't hurt, and that's enough!

Here's the latest one:
We have been taking trips to the library and I forced a chapter book on him.  He refused to even look at it.  So it became our bedtime routine to read one chapter every night.  Well, I read.  He roamed around the room and did his imaginary play.  I figured, if he even takes in 5% I'm happy.  Maybe the repetition would help???

If you are reading this and have any knowledge or suggestions that could help me, please share them.

Happy Friday!